Jiří Kolbaba, traveller

Jiří Kolbaba started travelling 23 years ago. Since then, he has visited 134 countries, released 8 publications capturing his visits to "other" worlds, and his feet have touched all of the continents.

He finds life in Europe boring and too comfortable. He likes to live on the edge and travel alone. Most people who travelled with him would need breakfast and dinner, while he wants to use early mornings and late evenings to take photos. Because travelling is his life philosophy, he has decided to live like Robinson – dramatically, dynamically, on the road, and in his sleeping bag.

“Nothing is ever definitive, and that is great. At any time during our life, we can change our place of residence, environment, profession, as well as our own goals. The only thing we need is freedom, health, and a bit of courage to take a risk”.