HC Komenta Brno

Kometa Brno is an ice hockey club with a tradition of more than sixty years. Over the decades, the club has been at the forefront of the top Czechoslovakian league. Its 11 championship titles are proof of this, and the club is the second most successful in the Czech Republic.

Kometa Brno’s youth teams received new reinforcement before the start of the 2021/2022 season. This comes from the investment company DRFG, which has been cooperating with the club since 2015 and is also the main partner of the A-team. The education of youth hockey players under Špilberk Castle has thus been given a strong pillar that will help its further successful development. Just like for Kometa, investments in the future are also important for DRFG.

Systematic work with youth is one of the main priorities for Kometa Brno. The club has won the Best Academy of Czech Hockey award twice in recent years, is a traditional source of national team members, regularly incorporates its own charges into the A-team and even trains players for the NHL. In the last seven drafts, the teams of this famous competition have selected ten talented youngsters from Kometa. This is by far the largest number of all clubs in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the support of DRFG, Brno’s youth hockey can now develop further.

„We very much appreciate the fact that the DRFG investment group will now focus its attention on the youth of Kometa. In the long term, we try to create such conditions that the work with young hockey players in our club is at the top level. I believe that the results of our work are visible. We still want to raise proud Kometa team players who represent the future for us“, said Libor Zábranský, owner of Kometa.

“Kometa is our love affair, and that is why we have decided to focus more on the youth, on the future of Brno hockey", says Břetislav Hrabě

„Supporting the youth in a sport that will best teach them the principles of fair play in their personal lives is the next step in our long-term cooperation with Kometa Brno. We are pleased that we can contribute to the development of new hockey talents and we wish them every success and a strong will“, said Břetislav Hrabě, member of the Board of Directors of DRFG Group. „Kometa is our love affair, and that is why we decided to focus more on the youth, on the future of Brno hockey. We will continue to work with the main team – as the main partner“, Břetislav Hrabě concludes.