Diakonia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

We support the Brno branch of the Diakonia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren.

Diakonia is the second largest not-for-profit organisation that provides social services in the Czech Republic.  This organisation helps people regardless of their religious belief and respects the family relations and environments of its clients.  The objective of the provided care is to provide the opportunity for people to live in the best way possible in spite of their handicaps.

The Brno centre mainly focuses on aid to seniors, the mentally ill and handicapped, or those with combined handicaps in the South Moravia region.

For seniors afflicted by dementia, the Brno branch of the centre provides day care services where the clients are monitored and cared for, and also provides social care at the homes of clients with reduced self-sufficiency. Diakonia Brno also operates as a contact point of the Czech Alzheimer Society.

For patients who are mentally ill and have combined handicaps, it operates a day care service centre and protected housing in Letovice.