EFEKTA securities trader

Czech non-bank securities trader, authorised for investment services under the Capital Market Business Act, having a long tradition on the Czech capital market.

The company was founded in 1994. In 1995, it was licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the supervisory authority, to provide investment services (such as receiving, transmitting and executing orders and providing investment advice in investment securities and collective investment securities) with the ability to accept funds or investment instruments from customers.

In 2009, as part of the implementation of the EU MiFID Directive, the ČNB (Czech National Bank) supervisory authority extended the licence to include the possibility of providing credit to customers for the purpose of securities trading, which meant that the services offered to clients were extended to include the possibility of margin trading in securities. During this period, the company not only provided its services in the Czech Republic market, but also in the markets of Europe and the USA, both for Czech and foreign clients. As part of the company’s development and improvement of services, the company’s investment services licence, which became valid at the beginning of 2016, was further extended to include the possibility of conducting foreign exchange operations in connection with the provision of investment services and the possibility of placing investment instruments without the obligation to subscribe for them.

The trader has also successfully provided advisory services on corporate finance throughout its existence and has been authorised to organise public auctions of securities since 2001. Within this activity, the trader offers and has successfully performed services for Czech and large foreign clients in organising auctions of securities and advising on squeeze-outs. In 2007 it was ranked as the largest auctioneer in the field of auctions of securities in the Czech Republic and the 25th largest auctioneer in general. The clients of the securities trader also have the option of custody of investment instruments with a dealer based on the licenses granted to it.