DRFG Energy

Under the DRFG ENERGY banner, the Group is active in the energy market with the aim of implementing investment projects in the field of renewable energy with a focus on the supply of generated energy directly to commercial customers. With our technology partners, we are setting up a pilot project of photovoltaic power plants on selected CREIF (Czech Real Estate Investment Fund) properties. The estimated total size of the installations under implementation is 1.3 MWp, with all energy consumed in the given properties. Namely in SC Haná Olomouc, shopping centre Géčko Liberec and DC Paráda Hodonín. Our long-term goal is to become a significant entity in the energy production sector, especially production from supported sources, which has the potential for future development in view of the current Czech and European legislation. This area of interest particularly includes district heating, combined heat and power generation, and electricity generation from other renewable sources – hydro, wind and especially photovoltaic power plants.