Economic indicators

Consolidated and audited results for 2021*

DRFG Group DRFG Telco Group
ASSETS 5 454 574 1 728 224
REVENUE 2 546 605 1 425 580
EQUITY 528 432 419 819
EBITDA 503 215 82 611

Figures are reported in thousands CZK

DRFG a.s. continues to invest in the commercial and residential real estate, energy and financial services segments.

DRFG TELCO s.r.o. Group (Suntel Group) continues to invest in telecommunications projects.

Both groups have the same end owners, basic objectives and are subject to a common business strategy.

Balance sheet report

DRFG balance sheet report

data valid as at 30/09/2022

Geographical distribution
of DRFG Group sales*

*data from 2022

Geographical distribution
of DRFG TELCO Group sales*

*data from 2022