We only invest in what we have an insight into

We follow an investment philosophy based on preference for investments in sectors we know well, in locations that are close to us culturally and geographically, and in projects that give us the opportunity to gain significant decision-making power.

We prefer to invest in real estate, property development, telecommunications and financial services.

Real estate

The main criteria for acquisition are profitability, location and opportunities for further development.

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DRFG Investment Group is active in both residential and commercial development.

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In the field of telecommunications we deal with the construction, maintenance and upgrade of telecommunication networks.

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We see financial services as one of the key areas in  které hodláme v which we intend to invest in coming years.

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234,000 m²

Leasable area across the Czech Republic and Poland

CZK 10 billion

Current value of managed real estate in the Czech Republic and Poland

CZK 3 billion

Market value of realised development projects

CZK 1.5 billion

Current value of residential projects, in which DRFG participates


Number of apartments under or in pre-construction

92,000 m2

Leasable area of development projects in progress in Logistics

CZK 1.5 billion

Turnover for services delivered in 2021

559 %

Revenue growth of Suntel Group since DRFG’s entry


Employees build and service mobile and data networks


Satisfied clients in financial


Consultants and investment specialists


Investors in the CREIF real estate fund