Palo Habera and the TEAM Band will return to the hall stages of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic within the scope of the HABERA AND TEAM 33 TOUR 2016 project in May and June 2016

We have decided to broaden our cultural involvement to include Palo Habera and the TEAM Band.

I am glad that DRFG can support one of the most successful Czecho-Slovak performers from the last 30 years.
David Rusňák

The last tour entitled FINAL TOUR (according to Team front man Pavol Habera, each of their tours will already be the last), was visited by more than 100,000 people!

This success inspired the band to organise a subsequent acoustic tour, which the band undertook for the first time after 20 years in the smaller halls of the Czech Republic and recalled the beginnings of its career. Both tours gave the band a new urge to play and also new creative inspiration.

Nevertheless, shortly after the acoustics tour, when the band was considering what to do about its future, it suffered a fateful blow.

Ivan Marček, a founding member and excellent band-mate, and a drummer with a big heart, unexpectedly passed away and took his place in Rock Heaven.

This very painful event made all the Team members think about the purpose and essence of the creations they started with more than thirty years ago. And this is joy from music, from its own songs, contact with the fans and live performances.

A new Team song with an unusual name – Viem, čo cítiš (I know how you feel) is just coming to the radio stations.

The fact that the band has the zest to compose new songs and rejoin forces led to the idea to return to the big Czecho-Slovak stages.

The fact that TEAM will celebrate its 33rd anniversary in 2016 lends the band another symbolic dimension. As does the humility and a really prosaic ambition to share the joy of music and live everything with their faithful fans at least once more! To play all their hits and new songs with even greater energy and dedication, all wrapped in a decent stage show for the 21st century.

Nevertheless, the unique show alone cannot replace the essence of the matter. And this comprises the good songs and faithful listeners. We take the liberty to say that the TEAM Band has both!!

TEAM "33" Tour 2016 ‒ Czech part of the tour:

    • 20/05/2016 – ZLÍN – Winter Stadium
    • 24/05/2016 – OLOMOUC – Winter Stadium
    • 26/05/2016 – BRNO – DRFG ARENA
    • 28/05/2016 – HAVLÍČKŮV BROD – Winter Stadium
    • 30/05/2016 – PARDUBICE – TipsportArena
    • 01/06/2016 – PRAGUE – O2 Arena
    • 03/06/2016 – CHOMUTOV – Winter Stadium
    • 05/06/2016 – PLZEŇ – Winter Stadium
    • 07/06/2016 – ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE – Budvar Arena
    • 09/06/2016 – OSTRAVA – ČezArena

Tickets available from the portal www.ticketportal.cz
Ticket price: CZK 390-690

Note: First month sales only on line at www.ticketportal.cz