DRFG Foundation

In a time of prosperity we should not forget those who are in need and could do with our help. We realise that there are objective reasons why the journey to happiness is more complicated for some people than for most of us. Entrepreneurship is not only a tough business; it also has its human side and a broader social extent. We care about the beauty of public space, and we penetrate it with futuristic architecture, collections of modern art, top level fashion, excellent central European cuisine and with other means. However, there has already come a moment when we should unify and internationally anchor our diverse support activities. That is why we have established the DRFG Foundation.

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We support

Diaconia Evangelist Church of Czech Brethren in Brno

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HC Kometa Brno is based in the DRFG Arena

We want to be a party to championship title,
says David Rusňák

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Traveller Jiří Kolbaba

He started travelling 22 years ago. Since then he has visited 132 countries, released 7 publications capturing his visits to "other" worlds, and his feet have touched all of the continents.

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