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Development of Economic Indicators

ASSETS470 740984 1572 192 0112 648 6164 447 8087 352 000
REVENUES160 178236 833825 0891 021 7091 871 9433 851 000
EBITDA35 78340 028121 782162 246326 973431 000

Numbers are in thousands of crowns
* Plan of consolidated result for 2018

Czech Real Estate Investment Fund

AUM (assets under management)3,209,970
Value of real property held4,021,000

Figures are provided in thousands of CZK

Activity Report

Development of total assets and equity

Shares in total assets 2017

As at the end of 2017, the group controlled total consolidated assets worth more than 4.5 bil. CZK.

Expected shares in assets 2018

Due to the continuing development in 2018, the total assets rose to CZK 7.35 billion.

Trends in total turnover

Shares in turnover for 2017

In the real estate sector, we have finalised some ongoing acquisitions of commercial projects, and in the telecommunications sector we focussed on the consolidation of internet service providers. Real estate and telecommunications became the key segments, accounting for 3/4 of the group’s turnover.

Expected shares in turnover of 2018

We will achieve a consolidated turnover of over CZK 3.85 billion in 2018. Against 2017, this represents a significant year-on-year increase of + 75 %.

Development of the EBITDA indicator

In 2017, EBITDA amounted to 320 mil. CZK. This figure is double compared to 2016.

The dynamic growth continued in 2018, when EBITDA reached a value of CZK 431 million.

Development of indebtedness and leverage

The general debt level declined compared to 2016, and is around a financial leverage level of 4 both in 2017 and 2018. This is not an unusual value, considering the age of the group, its dynamic development and the key investment sectors. Real estate and telecommunications are rather conservative investment segments, which offer long-term, stable cash flow.

From a long-term perspective, equity will continue to grow.