We only invest in what we know well

We follow an investment philosophy based on a preference for investments in sectors we know well, in locations that are close to us culturally and geographically, and in projects that give us the opportunity to gain significant decision-making power.

We prefer investing in real estate, telecommunications and financial services. We also see opportunities in retail.

Real estate

The major acquisition criteria are the yield rate, location and development prospects.

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We are realising acquisition of local service providers and consolidation of their products.

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We see financial services as one of the key areas in which we intend to invest in coming years.

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We wish to be the network of pharmacies sought out by everyone who knows the true value of their health.

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Real estate

5.65 billion crown
actual value

of the administered portfolio

149 200 m²
leasable space

throughout the Czech Republic


91 175
households and companies

connected to the Internet


build and service mobile and data networks

Financial services

A 5.17 %

in the real estate fund in 2017

More than 10 000 clients
have already invested in

DRFG financial products